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Workforce Readiness

    2018 Workforce Readiness Conference Presentation - Cultivating Talent: Creating Business Farm Teams

    Major League Baseball’s greatest resource for finding and developing talent is their Farm Team network. So what can business learn from the MLB? We can learn how to discover, develop, promote and retain talented young people within our companies, communities, and state. Farm teams aren’t always owned by a big league club and in business we can rely on statewide organizations like Careers CLiC, Vermont Futures and local educational partners to help us find and develop the hidden talent right here in Vermont. Kick-start your talent pipeline by learning about the National Life Group and Southwestern Vermont Health Care’s home grown “Farm Teams”, you might just hit a walk-off with this talented line-up!

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    Careers CLiC (Connecting Learning in the Community)

    Careers CLiC has nearly 20 years of experience as a regional and statewide provider of youth workforce development services. These services have connected 17,127 students from 72 schools with 950 employers across Vermont and New Hampshire. More than 530 educators have participated in Careers CLiC professional training related to student career development.

    Kathi Terami, Executive Director

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    Training Interns & Partnering for Success - TIPS

    What is TIPS? TIPS Student Internship Program TIPS is a student-centered, interest-based internship program designed for youth ages 16-plus. It is comprised of three core components: a 20-hour pre-employment skills course, a 40-hour unpaid internship with a local employer, and possible paid employment upon successful completion of the course and internship. Students are also awarded academic credit by their high school or high school completion program once they have satisfied the program requirements of the course and internship.

    Careers CLiC TIPS Skills Alignment

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    Careers CLiC TIPS Map of Participating Schools

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