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Member Testimonials

    We would love to hear your reason(s) for being a SHRM member!

    Dear Friends:

    Ten years ago, I was not a SHRM member. I couldn't justify the annual subscription      fee for something I wouldn't use. However, when I joined the VTHRA board being a      SHRM Member was a requirement. I reluctantly joined.

    Fast forward to today. I love being a SHRM member! SHRM has enhanced my HR experience ten fold. I've gained so much knowledge by attending the conferences, networking with other HR colleagues and most importantly have valued having access to their website. It's a treasure chest full of information! I recently tapped into the chat boards to see what others are doing for fitness incentives, participated in a webcast this week and am so excited to hear that Lionel Ritchie will be the entertainment at this year's conference! I've been able to pull different pieces of information for our policy guidelines manual (which by the way Kerin Stackpole gives it a A+!) and those are just a few examples.

    If you are on the fence about joining SHRM - just give it a try. The website alone is worth the subscription fee and will save you time in creating something on your own. You also have the collective knowledge and expertise of 350,000 members worldwide! Where can you find that!? Check it out!

    Oh... and you save $ on your VTHRA membership and the SHRM VT State conference fee too! Bonus! If you are a member, how has SHRM enhanced your life? Let us know.

    Best wishes -

    Gina Catanzarita, VTHRA President & SHRM VT State Council Member