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01/2019 Meetings & Events

    February 2019
    Date Event Type
    February 8 GMHRA Session - 2018 in Review & Employment Law Changes for 2019 Meeting
    February 14 RVHRA Session - Compensation with Krysta Sadowski Meeting
    February 20 VTHRA Session: It's About Time - How Different Types Interact with Time Meeting
    March 2019
    Date Event Type
    March 14 RVHRA Session - Diversity & Inclusion Meeting
    March 19 BAHRN Session - Recruiting for Retention with Angela Earle-Grey Meeting
    March 20 VTHRA Session: Lean, Results-Based Accountability, and Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement Meeting
    April 2019
    Date Event Type
    April 8 VTHRA & SHRM VT Present: Turnkey Security and Safety Solutions with Blue-U Defense Meeting
    April 9 GMHRA & SHRM VT Present: Turnkey Security and Safety Solutions with Blue-U Defense Meeting
    April 10 RVHRA & SHRM VT Present - Turnkey Security and Safety Solution with Blue-U Defense Meeting
    April 16 BAHRN Session - Occupational Health & Safety, Michelle Mortimer of Wellness Works Meeting
    May 2019
    Date Event Type
    May 15 VTHRA Session - Rethinking Protected Leave Meeting
    May 21 BAHRN Session - Workplace Civility, Ross Gibson Meeting
    May 30 VTHRA Session - HR 101 Conference
    June 2019
    Date Event Type
    June 5 Tapping Ready Talent: Creating Military Hiring Opportunities Meeting
    June 13 RVHRA Session - Psychological Safety and Civility with Ross Gibson Meeting
    June 18 BAHRN Session - Responding to the Opiate Crisis and Narcan Training Meeting
    June 19 VTHRA Session - Effective Teambuilding: Utilizing the Compass Tools to Achieve Meanful Outcomes Meeting
    June 23 to June 26 2019 SHRM National Conference Conference
    July 2019
    Date Event Type
    July 17 VTHRA Session - The Biggest Mistake Organizations Make...And How HR Can Make it Stop! Meeting
    September 2019
    Date Event Type
    September 12 to September 13 SHRM Vermont State Human Resources Conference Conference